Expert Witness Services for Law Firms

PATH’s expert witness service can provide you with understanding of the technical facts when your case involves polymer materials (e.g. composites, polymers, plastics, foams, coatings, linings, rubber etc). PATH only takes cases within our field of experience. 

PATH’s principle consultant Lucy Cranitch holds a Doctorate in polymer science from the University of Queensland and has nineteen years of professional industry experience as a materials scientist and technical consultant. She is an active serving member on several committees for Australian and International technical standards. She is recognised as a specialist in the the field and has been engaged by the Australian Composites Association for technical presentations throughout Australia.

When you engage PATH you benefit from our professional service and experience:

  • Formal expert witness training,
  • Prior experience in civil litigation cases,
  • On-site experience in the use of these products in industrial applications,
  • Awareness of the legal implications of certain words and phrases,
  • Understanding of the importance of appropriate communications,
  • Strict adherence to confidentiality, conflict of interest and the Expert Witness Code of Conduct,
  • Professional indemnity, public liability and workers compensation insurance covering expert witness services,
  • Single point of contact for all services including contract exchange.

Polymer materials are vastly different to steel, concrete and timber. They have particular processing, quality control, installation and operating requirements in order to function well. Causes of product failure can be determined through knowledge of specific failure modes, understanding the product’s manufacture and information on how it was used. PATH can provide verbal advice on the technical aspects of your case and clear detailed reports properly formatted for admissibility.  

These materials are often not well understood and many technical misnomers exist within industry. Understanding and presenting the technical facts has provided PATH’s clients with decisive advantages in the negotiation of apportioned liabilities and in determining their litigation strategies.